Hey there! I'm Jill and I'm an animation student attending Sheridan. I draw things, make costumes, and post silly things. Enjoy your stay on my blog.


As done as it’s gonna get :v

lookit our babies hhnnnggg


Yay I’m going to Otakuthon in Montreal this year. Finally after four years I return


Look at the cuties. My top stalkers. The rest of you need to try harder next time. *finger wag*


So I think I’m going to make the Murkrow gijinka. I really like the design I made for it, like the idea of making articulate wings…

And my space wife ridiculousabsurdity is going to make me a Murkrow plushie to sit on my shoulder. SO I’M PRETTY STOKED AHH.

unbroken-hearted asked: I want nuggets now D:

Here you go, friend. A picture of two chicken nuggets just for you. It’s the best I could do. :c


Oh. So I also bought a ten pack of nuggets today to sate my monthly visitor. I kinda noticed the box is heavier than normal. I counted the nuggets—

They gave me 13 chicken nuggets.


Today is a good day friends.


Alright followers, I need your help. Above are gijinka outfits I’ve designed with the intent on cosplaying one of them (for now). Tell me: Which do you guys like more? So far it’s literally an even split with everyone I’ve asked.

Also, please do not cosplay these designs or claim them for your own without permission. Thank you muchly.


I really want to write Horror Film reviews at some point. Because gosh, I have a lot to say about horror films.

*chinhands* Maybe some day.

Anonymous asked: red & grey

Red: 5 facts about my best friend

I don’t have one singular ‘best friend’ but I’ll list off one fact about my closest five friends:

  • One of them is a beautiful lady from South Africa who I would follow to the ends of the earth.
  • One of them lives in Texas with a bunch of gaybaby roomies who are all really cool.
  • One of them is my babe and draws me disgustingly wonderful porn when I ask nicely.
  • One of them is one of the best cosplayers I know and her… and I geek out over WoW a lot. (2 facts woops)
  • And one of them is a total furry for Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog, but it’s adorable and I don’t mind.

Grey: 2 facts about my favorite things

  • One of my favourite things is the best soup in the world and everyone should eat some with me. (Hint: It’s pho)
  • I’ve watched over 150 (at the very least) Horror films and I’m still going! YAY!
irrelevantkoifish asked: #800080

Ohoho. Cheeky Koi.

Purple:10 facts about my room

  • I absolutely hate that the paint on the walls is white, but apparently for good ‘sale’ value, I have to keep them that way until we’re ready to move.
  • My room is organized chaos, and I love it like that.
  • No matter how hard I try, my room never gets AC or Heating in it. It’s terrible.
  • Cosplay takes up about 45% of my room’s storage space.
  • The other 55% goes towards nerdy things, dvds and video games.
  • There are scuffs on my door from the one time I ran face first into it during a night terror.
  • From my window I can see directly into my neighbour’s backyard/their windows. I have seen things. Awful things.
  • My room is really boring so I spruce it up with fun posters.
  • My Labyrinth poster makes my room magical and more tolerable.
  • Coming up with 10 facts about my room was stupidly hard. Never again.